Be Careful with Guardian Breeds

There are a lot of people that not only want a dog for companionship but they also want a dog that will:

  1. Watch the house.
  2. Protect them from strangers or bad people.

If you want a dog like that, then that is perfectly fine but you should be aware of what type of training goes into a proper protection dog.  I always tell people, ”It is real easy to train a dog to bite, it is much more work to train them not to bite whoever they please”. 

Protection dog training ranges in cost from $12,000 to $60,000 and anywhere from 2 months to 3.5 years on average.  The initial training is building drive and developing a proper bite.  The remainder of the training and the greatest portion of the training is teaching them to only bite on command even when a potential attacker is waving a weapon in the air and yelling at the owner.  The more scenarios you want your dog to be trained in the greater the time involved in training as well as cost.

Some dogs have a stronger drive to protect than others.  If you do not provide proper training and leadership for a dog like that they will chose to protect when they think it is necessary

There are lots of times when people luck out and get a great dog that is perfect with everybody and backs them on the one chance that an attacker comes for them without any training.  However there are also lots of times when a dog will be a bit eager to pull the trigger on a bite with someone new.

Akitas and Pitbulls are dogs that require proper training.  They are not the right dog for 99% of the population.  These dogs should require pre-screening of applicants, permits and mandatory training with mandatory completion of training.

So when choosing your next dog keep this in mind.  There are a lot of dogs out there who want to be the boss much more than you do.  Starting with proper puppy training is essential.

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