How to Exercise Your Dog When It Gets Really Cold Outside

Many people run into the problem of their dog getting very hyper when it is cold outside but it is too cold to take them outside.  Here is a technique that works wonders for tiring out your dog without having to run them outside:

I use this with dogs whenever it becomes really cold or the conditions just aren’t right for the dog.  The secret is mental exercise.  Teach your dog a more advanced version of something they already know.  I will give you an example but first let me provide a story to the basis of this training tip.

I have worked with hundreds of different dogs and often times they are very hyper before we start training having had little to no exercise.  What I have found is that making them think for 10-20 minutes can often make them want to sleep for a few hours afterwards.  I worked with 2 little Havanese dogs that were 7 months old and they could normally run around for a few hours before tiring out.  With no exaggeration at all, I could make them think for 10 minutes of new material and they would pass out for 4 hours after that.

Here is an example of one thing you can train your dog: Sit.  You might say “My dog already knows sit”.  That is good but how well does your dog know sit?  Can your dog sit with you commanding from another room?  Can your dog sit with your back turned towards them?  Can your dog sit with you running around them in circles and saying “Sit”?  Can your dog sit with you 200 feet away (not really practical inside a house – but gives an example for being outside).  You could spend years just perfecting sit and thinking of new situations to practice sit with.  Would your dog sit if you phoned the house and left a message telling your dog to sit? :)   You can have a lot of fun with this and this is just “Sit”, imagine what you could do with all of the other cues you can train your dog to do.

The key to this is breaking down each new exercise into chunks that your dog can understand.  If your dog doesn’t understand it is likely due to you not making it easy enough to understand or trying to take too big of a step.

We can help you with all of your dog training requirements and we can show you how to break things down for your dog.  You will be amazed at how fast they learn when you teach them in a way they can understand.

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