Improving Dog Obedience Tip

Here at our dog training facility we work with dogs all day long.  When dogs that come to stay out here go home they know their stuff very well and are very good dogs.  My own dogs are not up to the caliber that I would like as I figure they should be the best dogs out of all.  Don’t get me wrong they are great dogs and people comment how nice and well behaved they are but I do know I can train them to be even better yet.  The point of this blog is to share with you what I have decided the reasons are for my shortcomings with my own dogs.

  1. Not setting aside the necessary time.
  2. Not managing behaviour properly.

When I work with other people’s dogs I always spend time with them every day.  My own dogs will get their training pushed aside to make way for training clients dogs or a necessary project, much the same as people might put off training their dog for work.  The solution to this problem is to block time for training and keep it as an important appointment and don’t switch it for anything else.  To get a dog to behave very well only takes 3-4 weeks and you should be able to dedicate yourself for that timeframe.

The next problem is not managing behaviour properly.  When I work with clients dogs out here I never give them a chance to make a mistake.  I ensure that I can always make them follow through on a command.  With my own dogs you sometimes think, “It is ok this time to not make them follow through”.  The key to training is consistency every single time.  The solution to this problem is to have a leash or long line ready to ensure a dog can follow through in whatever situations you expect to encounter.  There are many other things that will help but would take much longer to explain.

Recap : Set aside time every single day to train your dog.  Make a plan for what you want to train them.  Repeat those behaviours over and over and over again.  Just because you did it once this week doesn’t mean it is set for life.  Also make sure you manage their behaviour and make sure they can follow through on a command.  Don’t fall victim to the assumedtheylearnedit training method.  Some people seem to think that they have said a command a million times so the dog must know what it means.  Think back, did you really take the time to teach the dog what that actually means, I bet you will find that you haven’t.


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