Training Time Needed to Train a Dog – Better Results Doing it Fast

For the last few years I have thought it is better to train a dog in a short amount of time as opposed to breaking it into a longer training period.  I was just reading a book by Bob Hinds who is a stock dog trainer and his book is called “Train Your Own Stock Dog – You Don’t Have To Be Smarter Then The Dog”.  In his book he states:

“I used to take from three to six months to train a dog.  After training many of them, I now believe it is better for both the dog and me to train them within a matter of hours.”  He goes on to say, “Training within a few days appears to make about the same caliber of finished dog, or maybe even better, than taking weeks for the same thing.”

I totally agree with Bob on this subject.  Dogs like to learn quickly and will learn very quickly when properly taught.  Another interesting thing Bob talks about is Patience which I agree with as well.  This is what Bob has to say:

“Some say that you have to have patience to train a dog.  I say that it takes more ambition than anything else.  Most people just won’t take the time to train a dog.  A person must be industrious, possess ambition, and work hard to have a good dog.  My wife says it can’t be patience, because if it was, I couldn’t do it.”  He ends the paragraph with, “You can have all of the plans and patience in the world, but will not have a good dog without the ambition to do something”.

Bob is right on the money once again.  Training a dog takes ambition and hard work but it can be done quickly, you just need to dedicate yourself.

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